Closed Loop Recovery Systems

Begin with the end in mind... Nature's Bottles was created to ensure that we can create a responsible end-of-life and an after-life solution for the PLA bottles.

We work with our customers to define the recovery strategy that best suits their needs, recycling, composting or in some cases incineration. Our bottles are made from plants and not oil, allowing them to biodegrade in 30-60 days in commercial composting facilities, without leaving a trace behind.  PLA can be recycled and Nature's Bottles will be the first bottled water company to recycle its bottles in large quantities.

Natures Bottles works with the following industries that are already committed to eco-friendly recovery systems such as composting, recycling and incineration.

- Convention Centers 
- Hotels and Resorts
- Government and Military
- Cities, states and federal agencies
- Sports Facilities (Recreation) 
- Cruise Lines
- Colleges and Universities
- Hospitals & Health Care
- Festivals and Concerts 
- Fortune 500 Corporations
- Charities and non-profits 
- Amusement parks and Zoos