The future will be fueled by innovation...not fossils

Our bottles are made from plants, not OIL. They can be recycled or composted, in commercial composting facilities.  Nature's Bottles have a much lower carbon footprint than oil based plastic - 75% less fossil fuel is used in production and more than 49% fewer greenhouse gases are emitted.



Nature's Bottles is made from Ingeo - a plastic resin produced by NatureWorks, LLC. The plastic is made from 100% annually renewable plant resources that biodegrades in commercial composting facilities. Our bottle has earned certification from the Biodegradable Plastics Institute (BPI), is a USDA Biopreferred product and has testing certificates from composting facilities across North America.



NO GMO - NatureWorks - PLA has been certified to be free of any genetic material by GeneScan Inc., which is internationally recognized by governments and non-government organizations as the leading authority for testing food, feed and raw materials. NatureWorks -  PLA does not contain genetic material, and its production does not require any genetic content from field corn.

We work with local recyclers and composters to arrange for pick-up, ensuring the proper end of life.  In fact, recycling tests on Ingeo - have proven that we can recycle our bottles back to over 100% PLA.  This means for every bottle we recycle we can make another bottle! That's true Cradle to Cradle. Petroleum based plastics do not even compare to our retention capabilities.

Our water is exclusively spring water from the best available resources.

Nature's h2o is inspected and monitored by governmental and private laboratories, ensuring consistent quality in every bottle.