That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy - By CHARLES DUHIGG
The 35-year-old federal law regulating tap water is so out of date that the water Americans drink can pose what scientists say are serious health risks - and still be legal. Only 91 contaminants are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act, yet more than 60,000 chemicals are used within the United States, according to Environmental Protection Agency estimates. Government and independent scientists have scrutinized thousands of those chemicals in recent decades, and identified hundreds associated with a risk of cancer and other diseases at small concentrations in drinking water, according to an analysis of government records by The New York Times. Read Story

Plastic Association Warns Against Degradable Materials -
SONOMA, Calif. -- The National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) is urging manufacturers of PET resin and products to avoid using additives that make plastic degradable. PET is widely used in making plastic bottles, containers and other packaging. It is also widely recycled, identifiable by the resin code 1. As companies investigate more sustainable packaging, some have started using plant-based plastics in place of PET or started using additives that make the PET degradable based on certain conditions. Read Story

This is a PDF written from Sustainablebizness with help from Algalita about issues of plastic
Read Story

New Bioplastic Manufacturing Process Lowers Emissions, Energy -
By GreenerDesign Staff
Bioplastic manufacturer NatureWorks is now churning out its Ingeo bioplastic with fewer carbon dioxide emissions and less energy consumption. The company commissioned a new manufacturing process last year, and that process now lowers the carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing by 60 percent and cuts energy needed by 30 percent, compared to previous Ingeo production. Read Story

Greener and Cheaper
- Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder
The conventional wisdom is that a company's costs rise as its environmental impact falls. Think again

How Big Is That Widening Gyre of Floating Plastic? -
By Carl Bialik
In the Pacific, Ocean Flows Sweep Litter Into a Flotilla That Could Be the Size of Quebec or Maybe the U.S. -- No One Knows

Plastic fantastic -
By Carol Greenhouse
The new age of biodegradable, petroleum-free plastic cups, plates and cutlery. Read Story

Current Legislation

Communities, counties, states and countries across the globe are banning petroleum-based plastics to help save the planet.

Here are some of the current and pending legislations. Check it out